Mika (VRChat Avatar)

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A punk style fox made for VRChat featuring a wide range of customizability.

This avatar was made for PC VR. It is not optimized for Quest; however quest conversion is allowed.

Disclaimer: due to file and hard drive corruption, substance painter and photoshop files are not included


. Discord: Arico#3818

. Join the Discord!

. My Carrd

 Terms of Use:

. You CAN NOT redistribute, share, or give this package to anyone that has not purchased it themselves.

. You CAN NOT upload this avatar as public or to an avatar pedestal.

. You CAN NOT use this avatar for commercial purposes (save for certain exceptions such as: streaming, YouTube videos, twitter content). In such cases, please provide the proper credit and a link back to my shop or carrd.  

. You CAN NOT take assets from this avatar for other uses.

. You CAN use this avatar in commissions so long as both parties own the avatar LEGALLY.

. These terms are subject to change, edits, and revisions.

. If any of these terms are violated, necessary action will be taken.

. By purchasing this avatar, you AGREE to these terms.


. Polygons: 308,660

. Meshes: 17

. Material Slots: 28


. VRC Creator Companion

. Poiyomi Toon Shader 8.1.161 or higher

. Unity 2019.4.31f1


. Clothing Toggles (Tops, Bottoms, Accessories, etc.)

. Outfit Toggles (Toggles certain clothes on or off to make a predefined outfit)

. Body Toggles and Radial Puppets (Fluff, Flat Chest, Curvier Body, etc.)

. Aspect Menu (changes the appearance and colors of certain clothes and parts of the ava)

. Audiolink

. Gum (interactable)

. Optional Muzzle when muted

. Avatar interactions (head pat, nose boop)

. MMD blendshapes for MMD worlds.


. Base: Riceballer

. Choker, Shoes, Hoodie: Apyr

. Crop Top & Panties: Nauuki

. Glasses: Zioketski

. Rings: Apyr, Zila, Arico

. Lingerie: AlcTrap

. Muzzle: Hoizen

. Pants: Eggly69

. Shorts: Harukoi

. Tanktop:  Lestery

. Hair: Powdur

. Maid Dress: Moobean

. Fishnet texture: Katya

. Base edit, Retexture: Arico

. Socks, Gloves, Pasties, Piercings, Bracelets: Arico

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Mika (VRChat Avatar)

15 ratings
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